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DEATH BATTLE! Batman vs Wonder Woman

Who Wins!

DEATH BATTLE! Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

Who Wins!

How to Make Your Woman Happy During Her Period

Every women gets their period once a month. As their boyfriend/husband you need to take good care of them and make sure that their well taken care of. I know a few guys who are clueless of how to help their girl out when it's the time of the month, so I decided to put together a few tips to help you out. You can't blame them for acting a little moody during their period, it's not a fun thing to go through.

1) Chocolate: who doesn't love it, it's sweet, creamy and makes women happy. Give her chocolate and she'll feel a lot better, just don't give her too much cause if she gets fat she'll blame you. You can also make her some hot chocolate.
2) Hot Tea: it's tasty, healthy and it makes their tummy feel good. Just make sure it's not too hot.
3) Midol: Midol is a brand of an over-the-counter drug for menstrual cramping and other effects related to premenstrual syndrome and menstruation. Midol is distributed by Bayer. Don't be lazy, get off the cou…

What Happened to Hip-Hop?

A lot of rappers today are like pens at the Bank ...they all have chains but dont write too well.P.s. MTV please play some music, enough with the pregnant teenagers already!

Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Explains “Mass Deaths” in the Movie

The amount of death and destruction in Man of Steel wasn't there just for the hell of it. Some critics didn't like this movie for stupid reasons and without even really thinking about it, disliked the movie even more because of the amount of destruction that was in it, calling it "disaster porn."
It would have helped soften the blow of a Superman movie in which so many people seemed to be slaughtered but Snyder suggests that the slaughter is actually part of the philosophy behind the movie.“I wanted the movie to have a mythological feeling. In ancient mythology, mass deaths are used to symbolize disasters,” Snyder told the Japan Times . “In other countries like Greece and Japan, myths were recounted through the generations, partly to answer unanswerable questions about death and violence. In America, we don’t have that legacy of ancient mythology. Superman is probably the closest we get. It’s a way of recounting the myth.”Man of Steel, which opens tomorrow in Japan, …

How to find the name of a song

Who else do this? Lol
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I love reading comics, especially Superman comics

 Checkout what my girl got me :)
Yup she's a keeper.I've always been a Superman fan, some people became a fan from the television shows or movies but I became a fan when I read the comics. I do read the comics of other characters but nothing comes close to Superman, he is the king daddy of all super heroes. What made me become a huge Superman fan wasn't so much because of his incredible powers but for who he is. He gives people hope, hope that they too can be just as good as him, not in Superpowers offcourse but in morals and values. He's a character that we should all try to be like. If everyone tried to be more like Superman I really believe that the world would be a better place.If you you're a Superman fan you should really checkout this page on Facebook

This is so true

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Don't be afraid to start over.


Bryan Cranston has been cast as Lex Luthor for the Man of Steel sequel

After the Ben Affleck news, Bryan Cranston has been CAST as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2!
Also, Matt Damon is up for the role of Aquaman.. Not surprised by that since Ben and Matt are close friends. If Ben is down then Matt would be down as well.
How do you guys feel about all of this?

Fan-Made poster of Ben Affleck as Batman


Dem Back Muscles


Man of Steel: Inside the legendary world of Superman, available from all good book stores.


I got a little time..


How I feel about Ben Affleck being Batman

You know, it doesn't really bother me that much that Ben Affleck was cast as Batman... The Batman character isn't really that hard to pull off.. Ben's a great actor so he'll pull it off in my opinion. Really guys, don't go all nuts about Ben Affleck being Batman, people went nuts when Heath Ledger got casted as the Joker and he was amazing! P.s. if this movie fails it wouldn't bother me, I never wanted for a Superman and Batman movie to happen so soon. Like many other True Superman fans, I wanted another Man of Steel sequel that just focused on Superman.

The Elder Scrolls Online will require a $15 monthly subscription fee

They just went full retard, Never go full retard.
Tell me if I'm looking at this the wrong way, but why should I even spend more for a game that I've already initially purchased for $60? It just doesn't make sense, not to me anyways.

Man of Steel 2 Not an actual sequel?

I don't even consider the sequel to Man of Steel an actual sequel.. I see it as a Superman/Batman movie, but it doesn't really matter what I say cause the damage is done. We'll see if Supes get two more films focusing on just him after the Justice League movie.Not sure what they're up to but so far I haven't been to happy about everything that I've been hearing. A Superman and Batman movie is too soon in my opinion. They should of did Man of Steel 2 first then the next movie could of been Superman and Batman. Superman is my favorite Superhero and I feel like he's not being treated correctly. True Supes fans wanted a proper sequel but we're not getting that.Everything is just being rushed so that DC can compete with Marvel. There's no reason to compete, Man of Steel already won! It made both Avengers and Iron Man 3 look like Bob The Builder. I don't know whose reading this or who agrees with me but I just felt like this had to be said. Very Disap…

Look at those next gen graphics!




Lil Goku and Lil Krillin T-shirts

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? If yes then why not add these awesome T-shirts to your collection? Purchase these awesome T-shirts here:

How I do my ratings

1/10 - Rubbish
2/10 - Terrible
3/10 - Very bad
4/10 - Bad
5/10 - Unsatisfactory
6/10 - Satisfactory
7/10 - Good
8/10 - Very good
9/10 - Excellent
10/10 - MasterpieceSome people use decimals but I choose not to use that anymore.

Amber Heard as Supergirl?

I would love to see Supergirl on the big screen fighting along side Superman. It's never happened before so it would be Epic!
With the sequel to the huge hit and my favorite movie of all time "Man of Steel" coming out in 2015 I think it would be great to somehow include Supergirl in it. It probably... most likely wouldn't happen but a man can dream...Guess we'll see if she'll at least be in the Justice League movie.
What do you guys think of Amber Heard playing the role of Supergirl?

Tarski Merceda Reviews Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is a fun Supernatural and romantic film. Now I've never read the book so I'm only making my judgment solely based on this movie. I can definitely understand why some people compare this to Twilight but I promise you that it's far from that. This is something different and quite special. The movie starts off with Ethan Wate whose obsessed with finishing high school and moving away from his small town Gatlin, South Carolina. He occasionally dreams about a strange girl who resembles the girl from the ring. When he meets Lena Duchannes things get really interesting, for you see she's the girl in his dreams. Lena is rejected by the rest of her classmates for being the granddaughter of Macon Ravenwood, whom the town's superstitious residents consider to be a devil-worshiper. Ethan, while driving home almost hits Lena with his car but then later gives her a ride home since her car broke down. They later get to know each other a little more then fall in…

This guy has 41 Swagz...

Lol smh.. what the heck is wrong with these kids today!?

The only people I think should be considered for the role of Batman for the Superman vs Batman movie

These are only people that I can see playing Batman right now.. Josh Brolin:
I know that Josh is a bit too old for the part but I can really see him as the next Batman. He's a great actor, athletic and he looks like Bruce Wayne. Heck he was amazing in MIB acting just like Tommy Lee Jones. If he can pull that off then I'm sure he can pull off the role of Batman.Christian Bale:
He was in the Dark Knight Trilogy and he said that he would no longer play Batman but I think theres a good chance that he might play Batman again. I can really see Nolan's Batman in Zack Snyder's Superman universe. If Bale is not chosen to play Batman I'll still be okay with it to be honest but if he does get the role hope they get rid of the throat cancer.Kellan Lutz:
Now a lot of you probably think I'm crazy for even mentioning Kellan, mostly because he was in Twilight. Forget about that role and just focus on him as an actor. This guys a great actor, he's young, cool, athletic and …

Awesome Superman Family Toy Collection

Checkout this awesome Superman Family Toy Collection from hrothgars! You can check more of his collection on EBay.Photo Taken From: The Toyark

Last Photo of Michael Jackson alive

Last photo of Michael Jackson alive on June 24, 2009, just hours before his death.

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So it begins...


STEEL the movie sucks!!

This movie suuuuucks!!! I'm a huge fan of STEEL and this movie probably ruined the chance of us ever getting a reboot.. :(
If they we're to ever make a reboot who would like to see play the role of Steel?

Inuyasha and Doug sketch

A quick sketch that I just did of Inuyasha and Doug. To see more of my artwork Like my Fan page on Facebook

LOYOL - Clothing Brand

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I don't like Beware The Batman

I'm a huge fan of Batman, he's my second favorite after Superman. My favorite Batman series is Batman The Animated Series. That show was dark, fun, action packed, had a great story line and great voice acting. Every other animated Batman shows we're great as well. Now we have Beware The Batman... First off what's up with DC doing 3D animated tv shows now? Batman The Animated Series had one of the best animations that I've ever seen and now we have this weird looking animated Batman series. I don't hate 3D animation but if you're gonna do it, at least do it right. This new Batman doesn't feel like Batman to me, I hope it gets canceled and they bring back Young Justice cause that show was awesome! Get it together DC!

Superman/Batman Movie 2015

TMNT fans complained so much about the turtles being aliens in the Michael Bay reboot that they eventually had to make them mutants again... if only more fans could of done that when they announced that Batman would be in a Man of Steel sequel.. now most of the attention is taken away from Superman and a bunch of people are just talking about Batman.. I barely post anything about the sequel cause it's not really a sequel.. you can say what you want about how they're doing it so a Justice League can be made but what's the rush? Henry is still young.. why couldn't they just give Superman his own sequel without sharing it?? Why can't Superman stay in the spotlight a little longer? Why are they making a Third Batman game and no Superman game? Why is the greatest Superhero being treated this way? So many unanswered questions.. Marvel is giving Marvel fans what they want (some of it might not be great but you get the point).. DC needs to stop making these stupid decision…