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Fan Art

Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy Tribute By imperium

Gina Carano as Wonder Woman

If only she knew how to act...she seriously lacks talent in that area. Strong? yes. Beautiful? yes. A good actress? Nope.Who do you guys think should play Wonder Woman?

Tarski Merceda Reviews Trojan War

This movie is one of my favorite romantic comedies and there's a couple of reasons why. Trojan War is about this High School student name Brad whose in love with Brooke, who is the most popular girl in school (Cliche I Know). Leah is Brad's best friend and she's in love with Brad but she's too afraid to tell him about how she really feels. Later on in the movie Brooke asks Brad to help her study right in front of Leah and his two other friends. So later Brad went to her house to study, they ended up making out offcourse... During their makout session Brooke asked Brad if he had a condom and he didn't. Now Brad has to leave, get in his car and go buy some condoms. (You don't score until you score) This movie went from that steaming makout session to a crazy movie filled with weird but at the same time really funny scenes. All this crazy stuff starts happening because this guy is trying to get lucky with Brooke. Watching a guy going crazy trying to find condoms h…

Fearful of vigilante justice

George Zimmerman and his family are now fearful of vigilante justice. "He'll be looking over his shoulder his whole life."Follow me on
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GQ Names Insane Clown Posse Worst Rappers Of All Time

GQ Magazine has come out with a list that’s already getting lots of people hot under the collar – and loose of tongue on Twitter: The 25 Worst Rappers of All Times.25. Tom Green
24. MC Skat Cat
22. Joaquin Phoenix
21. Too $hort
20. Will Smith
19. Pro athletes, post 1985
18. Soulja Boy
17. Weed carriers (St.
Lunatics, Bravehearts, D-12
16. Brian Wilson
15. Madonna
14. David Bowie and Mickey
13. Master P
12. Prince
11. Eazy E
10. The two guys in the Black Eyed Peas who
9. Pitbull
8. Everyone from England, ever
7. MC Hammer
6. Diddy
5. Kevin Federline
4. Vanilla Ice
3. Chet Haze
2. Spencer Pratt
1. Insane Clown PosseWhat do you think?
This is a pretty bad list in my opinion.. I could name a few rappers that should of been on that list. Follow me on Twitter:
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Pacific Rim < Megas XLR

There was a major design flaw in the mechs in Pacific Rim. They all were missing a classic muscle car for a head. #MegasXLR #PacificRim

Destiny looks amazing!

Destiny looks amazing! I know I'm late but I finally got a chance to see a gameplay of Destiny and I am blown away by how amazing this game looks. The gameplay is fluid and fun, challenging and requires team work. Another thing that really impressed me with this game is the scale of it. My God is this huge! Destiny kinda reminds me of Defiance but this game is way better than Defiance. I need to play this game ASAP! Checkout the gameplay if you haven't already:

Taylor Handley would be great as the Joker

I became a fan of Taylor ever since I saw him on the tv show The O.C., but I didn't think he was a great fit for the Joker at the time. It's after I saw him in the PS4 commercial "Greatness Awaits" what do you guys think? Here's a link to the commercial:

Yay I made top comment! Lol

This comment was originally posted by someone else on another Man of Steel video. It was so awesome that I had to use it!

Mark Strong rumoured to be Zack Snyder's favourite to play Lex Luthor in MAN OF STEEL 2

Read more here:

Rotten Tomatoes needs to go out of business

Anyone giving Man of Steel less than a 9/10 is either: a) too caught up in his or her own pretensions to intellectual superiority to give this movie the fair and respectful critique it deserves, b) too narrow-minded (or nostalgic) to stomach a forceful re-imagining of the superman legend, or c) simply too stupid to recognize the monumental work and brilliance that went into this movie. Do yourself a favour and ignore the critics. Man of Steel is a true masterpiece.

Why I will not be seeing The Lone Ranger

I will not be seeing The Lone Ranger. Johnny Depp has stated his great-grandmother is Cherokee but Johnny looks white and no amount of makeup or acting showed that he is Native American. to cast him as Tonto says, really, there was no one of Native American heritage that the film could ever have possibly found to
play the role of Tonto. This movie is a disgrace. It's just another insult to the people who were here first.