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Enjoy Comics


Zombie Mario??

Ahh the Inconceivable Bat Slap...gets em every time!

Damn girl..

Why did I believe mommy? :/


Holy cosplay, Jason!

The police also charged him for possession when they found his shrooms


We're really not in Kansas anymore

I love being a Blogger :3 #yolo

500 days of friendzone. (Quick Review)


Lights? Who Needs Them?


Route 61

The Healer

Evolution of a madman.

Tony Stark vs Bruce Wayne

Trick 'R Treat 2 Is Confirmed!

Ridley Scott has CONFIRMED that Prometheus 2 is being written right now.

All Men Are Not The Same.

Eat These Vampire Cookies Before They Eat You!

I need to talk to you, guys.

Who's The Master!?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Backpacks

Master Roshi Is Real!

Not sure if trolling or..


X-Men: Days Of Future Past Is Coming!

These. Are. Awesome.

The fastest man

Seems legit to me

Robocop is back!

To all the DBZ fans!

You've been truck by... a smooth criminal.

Have You Noticed...

Oh Drake...

Superman Is Awesome!

New Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster!

Fear The Real Danger !

Are You Doing Well?

Legends Will Unite

Remember this? Here's the full picture.

Tarski Merceda Reviews This Is The End

I'm Batman


Killer piece by Dmitry Vision

Lex Luthor Over The Years