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Terminator: Genisys - Trailer #1

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So with us a few weeks away from the opening of the Hobbit (Dec 17) which will present us the first teaser trailer for BVS, not counting the promo trailer made for Comic Con this past year. We have heard a lot of rumors, and announcements on DC films, characters, and possible plot lines, my question is what do you guys think the trailer will contain, and what do you believe out of the rumors, and thoughts on the movie itself? Personally - I do believe this will be a different trailer then Comic Con, Comic Con was a promo trailer, that I don't believe was actual segments from the movie itself, I believe that was just something made to promote the film, not uncommon in the film bizz when a movie is far off, but awareness, and excitement is generating for it. Many have said rumors claiming the new trailer will focus just on Batman, and perhaps a second trailer focusing on just Superman. I doubt that, I personally don't think we will see any of the supporting heroes we know are being introduced in this movie, its way to early. CGI sequences would be hard to have prepared with post turn around so I doubt we will see anything of that nature, maybe just Superman changing and or flying much like our first Man of Steel teaser if any CGI sequences are used. I would think we would have a teaser that introduces Wayne himself, and the connection to Luthor and Metropolis, from there sequences of Clark Kent as a reporter a reaction of some kind from Lois, and maybe a quick clip of Batman and Superman on screen for a second. As far as Story ideas I think what Synder and Goyer did with Man of Steel brilliantly set up this movie and the introduction of a expanded universe. Why do I say think, well what would attract the attention of all these other characters, a alien invasion that nearly destroyed the human race(just like the first episodes of the Justice League Cartoon.) Snyder could have gone with many other ideas for MOS but he and Goyer picked a great idea that allowed it to make clear sense that other characters would now logically come out of the wood work, because of general concern for the world and mankind. We know Bruce Wayne is the main focus of concern for the alien attack, and Superman himself, next to Lex of course. Another brilliant aspect to doing that story for MOS was a very clear common connection to the very popular theme of Lex Luthor, a man who hates Superman for being a Alien, a character motivation that drives him to do many things in the name of being prepared to protect the human race from Superman, who he believes will turn on us and try to rule us (Much like the Injustice Comic book series, read that if you haven't!). My point is they did a great job setting all this up. I think the movie will focus on Bruce investigating this whole thing, working closely with Luthor as a corporate sponsor to rebuilding the city, and of course Batman will make it a point to confront Superman to determine his true nature, the battle could be a simple test of are you really good or are you dangerous, then a formation of partners because of a common interest to protect the world from whatever secret thing Luthor has planned, which I believe will be Metallo, why because I think Luthor will play with left over materials from Zod etc. Leading to a merger of a man and alien tech forming a Metallo. During all this its understandable how the other heroes including Wonder Woman may surface and encounter our main heroes. We may even see some involvement or introduction to the large theme/villain who will be the focus of Justice League. Much like Loki and his issues in Thor lead to the understanding of why he was the main villain in Avengers. Anyway whats your thoughts? - Clark Kent


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One Of My Favorite Scene From I, Robot..

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X-M:DoFP Wolverine Concept Art by Joshua James Shaw -Rogue