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Clark Kent

That's Our Ring!




Soooo Excited For Guardians Of The Galaxy!!

Honey, I Raised The Kids

This Batman V Superman Poster Is Awesome!

Damn this looks amazing! Clark Kent


The Trinity *-* ~Kal-El

Here's What Was In The Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer from Comic-Con

I'm So Cereal Right Now..

The More You Know...

Ben Affleck As #Batman In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Omega red is so badass! -Bishop

Sorry for not posting guys I've had driving school! -Bishop


I Am Going...To japan

Checkout This 70 Year-Old Bodybuilder!

My Thoughts Exactly

Since I got zero votes on round four, I'm gonna repost it. Ice Man got out in round three through blind selection. Round Four - Part two - FIGHT! -Deadpool




What do you think of this Home Theatre room?

Handy Batman

Wolverine struggling with carpal tunnel. -Rogue



Ice Man is gone. There were two votes for Storm, two for Ice Man, and one for Wolverine. So I did this exactly as I did the previous round - With a blind selection. I closed my eyes, and whoever my finger landed closest to was out, and that was Ice Man. So... ROUND 4 - FIGHT!

Egg Funeral

Okay, since Round 2 got a small odd number of votes I did blind selection between Jean Grey, Ice Man, and Beast, and whoever my finger blindly landed on and/or closest to was out. And who was out was.... *Drum Roll* Jean. Hopefully if we can get more votes this time, it'll be easier for me to select the next x-member to be kicked off. Round 3 - FIGHT! -Deadpool

Gary Oldman Has Doubts About Batman V Superman..

Cyclops is out. Who's next? YOU DECIDE! (reference) ROUND TWO... FIGHT! - Deadpool

Alright everyone, sorry for being so inactive, and to make up for lack of posting by yours truly, why don't we play a little elimination game? Who is your least favorite x-member in the movies? Whether it be because of how the character is portrayed by the actor, or just lack of interest in the character in general. Cast your vote, all will be counted. Rules: 1. You can only vote once per round 2. If I left out a major member of the team, feel free to tell me - if this is popular, I'll do a bonus round with all the ones I missed. 3. No flame wars in the comments - Everybody has their opinions! (Flame wars will be deleted from the comments) 4. Every round will last for twelve hours - posted once per day. ROUND ONE - FIGHT! - Deadpool



I believe him lol

At least superman is letting him shoot first -Superboy



Who's Your Favorite Bond?

Seriously Stop.

The Expendables 3 Poster