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Hugh Jackman might be done playing Wolverine..




Wheels of life..


Who wore it better?

Fox has cancelled Almost Human

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The downside of having an Adamantium laced skeleton has always been that it makes it pretty tough to go up against Magneto. Ouch. -Sabretooth

This is still the greatest comic book to this day. NOTHING comes close to this one in my opinion.

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Would be sooo awesome if this happened!!

Excuse me sir..

Mother of Dragons.

Richmond, earlier today.

lol for real! smh

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Official Trailer #2

This is the best faceswap ever.

Kids these days

X-Men: Days of Future Past TV SPOT - Sentinels

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New Still From Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA has been released

4 down, 3 to go.


Ray Fisher cast as Cyborg in Batman vs. Superman

Fashion Police

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Minimates

Happy Earth Day bub! Art done by KostanRyuk on -Rogue

New images from The Amazing Spider-Man 2



Vin Diesel Shares Photo With Paul Walker’s Brothers



Find the different

Oh Deadpool..

Oh snap! Lol

When a girl and boy apologizes

Tyler Mane. -Sabretooth

Such a great family

They don't.

Via Superman Forever -Superman