Batman V Superman trailer attached to Jupiter Ascending??

Take this news with a grain of salt...

According to Movie Pilot, A worker who works at a movie theater posted several tweets claiming that a Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer will be attached to Jupiter Ascending.

Here are the tweets:

I have confirmation that
#BatmanvSuperman will be attached to
#JupiterAscending @slashfilm . Trailer
attached won't even unlock till Friday
— Lou (@YonkersaurusRex) February 5, 2015

@Mckflicus @slashfilm when Jupiter
arrived to the theatre it had BvS
attached to it but there was a timer
that won't let U open file
— Lou (@YonkersaurusRex) February 5, 2015

I just know that two weeks ago,
theaters received the file for #BvS with
a timer. That timer expires at 7 tonight.
We shall see. #BvS
— Lou (@YonkersaurusRex) February 5, 2015

So like I say, if I say it's coming, it's
coming. I don't make things up, but
remember I don't release these things
either. So hold in there
— G@BRIELGR@Y (@GBRIELGRY) February 5, 2015

This guy could be lying for all I know but just be on the lookout because if this is true, the trailer will be online in just a few hours...

Well there you have it, what do you guys think?

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