Chappie Movie Review

So I just got back from seeing the movie "Chappie" and I gotta say... I loved it! No surprise there, it's made by Neill Blomkamp, the same guy who made District 9 so off course it was gonna be a great film. It's got a lot of action, funny moments and Wolverine...

"Chappie" is set in the future, crime is at an all time high and to defend the city, the police has resulted to using robots. These robots give Robocop a run for his money. They're smart, powerful and fast. Even with these robots, Deon Wilson's character wanted something more so he figured out a way to create a robot that had the ability to think and feel for himself.

Chappie's like an intelligent baby and throughout this movie you'll get to see Chappie grow. You'll get to see him deal with some really hard situations. The action sequence towards the end of this film was epic! Body parts were flying everywhere, people went through walls and the explosions were magnificent.

Go see Chappie, it's a really fun film. 9/10

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