Planning A Wedding Is Hard But...

Planning a wedding is hard but the whole process isn't that hard when you have friends and family members that's willing to help out. Sharon and I came to New Jersey on Saturday so we could find a venue to have our wedding/reception and to also hangout with our friends and family members. We've looked at a few places and so far I think we've found the place where we want the wedding to happen. What I've learned from this experience was that, a lot of these places would overcharge you for certain things if you're not paying close attention. So whenever you decide to get married make sure that you ask A LOT of questions so you can know the actual price for the place. Don't just stop there though, ask them for a paper showing you everything that's included so that you can add it up yourself.

I'm really excited to get married and I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this will turn out.

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