Saturday, January 31, 2015

Not sure if Tyrion or Jesus... #GameofThrones

I am super excited for the next season of Game of Thrones! Last season Tyrion killed his father while he was taking a number 2 I might add. This season we're gonna get to see the outcome of that incident along with a few others. Can't wait!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Watch The Trailer! #TED2

Hollywood... why u do thiss....?? #ghostbusters

I mean, nothing against movies with women being the lead characters but they didn't need to change the sex of the Ghostbusters. What's with Hollywood and these stupid remakes/reboots... Why's Johnny Storm black now? I mean, I get the intention behind it but I personally feel that it sends out the wrong message. Instead of changing the race of an iconic character that fans read about for many years, why not just create new black superheroes instead.. *Just a thought* 

It's not just Fantastic Four or Ghostbusters, the list goes on and on...  It's as if the more people complain, the more they come up with ways to piss us off and get us talking... Well it's working,  I'm sadly talking about it. 

Hollywood doesn't always get it wrong, saw Birdman a few hours ago and it was amazing! I'll see if I can do a video review of it somewhere this week. 

Anyways, what do you guys think about this new Ghostbusters casts?  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Could Tyrese Gibson Be Our Next Green Lantern?

Tyrese Gibson really wants to be the next Green Lantern. The Fast and Furious actor has been constantly posting about wanting the role of the character. In a recent post from Tyrese, it looks like he's taking the next step by going directly to the Warner Brothers Studio. Here's the post:

Tyrese used his social media fame as a way to get the word out that he wants the role badly, and it worked. No word yet from WB but I'm hoping that Tyrese Gibson does get the part. He's a great actor and deserves the chance to be apart of the DC Cinematic Universe. Green Lantern will be appearing in his own standalone movie in 2020.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Here's a collection of Fantastic Four memes

With the Internet going so crazy over the latest Fantastic Four trailer, I figured it would be entertaining to find the really funny memes/funny images online and post them on my blog. I personally didn't think that the trailer looked that bad, but anyways check out these funny images and be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe to my blog for more.

Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer #1

Four young scientists achieve superhuman abilities through a teleportation experiment gone haywire. They must now use these abilities to save the world from a uprising tyrant. (IMDB)

Let's Draw - Lips


Monday, January 26, 2015

Here's How Sherlock would figure it out:

"Wearing a mask which happens to be in the shape of a bat, a certain penchant for dark clothing, voice something close to a hoarse whisper...could very well be a fancy Halloween costume, but the tendency of hiding one's identity can also stem from some traumatic incidence in one's childhood, seeking justice. Ah, I see. Bruce Wayne."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I agree with Captain America lol #Sherlock

As much as I love Robert as Sherlock Holmes, Cumberbatch is the better Holmes in my opinion. The movies are great but the show is far more superior. With a tv show you're able to show much more content. I love everything about Sherlock but what I love the most is the comedy. Can't really think of another show that's like it, it's quite clever really.

So which of the two actors played a better Sherlock Holmes and why?

Will Superman Make An Appearance In Batman Arkham Knight?

A screenshot from one of the Arkham Knight trailers shows a Lex Corp sign. This wa discovered by TheFirstAvenger (via CBM). The site made a pretty good point when they said: "if Lex Luthor is around, then there's a possibility that Superman might be as well."

This could mean two things, either Superman will just make a quick appearance in the game and that's it or this could be his appearance that's sets us up for his next solo video game made by Rocksteady. After they're done with the Arkham series, a Superman game seems like the right choice to me. It's time that the king daddy of all superheroes got an amazing game. What do you guys think about all of this?

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Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to be released on June 2, 2015.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

John Wick Review

This movie is one of the greatest action movies of last year. Keanu Reeves is back and kicking major butt!

John Wick had a good life with his wife. He loved her more than anything and when she passed away it crushed him. As her last gift to her husband, she left him a cute little dog...  A few days later a couple of thugs showed up to John Whick's house, killed his dog  and took his car. Big mistake, Huge mistake!
In John's previous life he used to kill people for a living. Now his out of retirement and is looking for those responsible for killing his dog and stealing his car.

A dog is a man's best friend,  and so is his car. John goes on a killing spree taking out thug after thug. The fight scenes are spectacular, one of the most enjoyable fight sequences I've witnessed in a while. The sound quality is great, I just loved hearing the sound of those bullets going off. The cinematography is amazing! There were some really cool shots (I really like the camera work inside that nightclub). Every single character delivered in this film but Keanu Reeves stood out the most. He still got it, I give 'John Wick' a 9/10

Here's a little poem...

They killed his dog
They stole his car
Now, they've all gotta die
If they want to live
They better run far
They better run quick
It's the story of John Wick

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Gonna give Dexter the Sons of Anarchy look ^-^ #art #drawing #illustration #artnerd #artstag #lormagazine #artsanity #daily_art #_talent #insta_artgallery #artofdrawing #art_empire #artist_sharing #tagsforlikes #draw #sketch #lineart #90s #illustrator #graffiti #design #tarskiart

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Batman vs superman


#marvel #dccomics

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015