Captain America: Civil War Review

I'll start off by saying that this movie was amazing! This has got to be the best Marvel film so far. Captain America is the only one in the MCU to have his films get better with every sequel.

I was team Captain America before going to see this film and during my viewing I became neither team cap nor team Iron Man. Both sides made sense to me and the way it was presented was phenomenal. Should Superheroes be held accountable when their actions lead to collateral damage? Or should they remain free to defend us without government interference? This issue divided The Avengers and everyone had to pick a side.

The fight scenes in this film blew my mind. Although there was some shaky cam here and there, it wasn't too bad. If you're a fan of action films there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy Civil War. Not only did it have great action sequences, it also had heart and humor. I like the fact that Marvel doesn't take itself too seriously, something I wish DC would do a little more often. But it's looking like DC might be taking notes from Marvel based on what I've seen from their upcoming Suicide Squad film.

We got some new members this time around. Both Spider-man and Black Panther stole each seen they we're in. Tom Holland played the perfect Spider-Man! My friend said it best "his performance as Spidey felt natural, not at all forced." Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther was spot on as well. Both him and Spidey stole the film, I wish they had gotten more screen time but at least we'll get to see more of them in their own solo films.

The rest of the cast did great as well, showing us sides of them that we've never seen before. The villain isn't worth mentioning to be honest, Marvel gives us another bland villain. They at least make up for it by getting everything else just right.

Civil War is a must watch film, enjoyable for both the casual movie audiences and comic book fans.
I give Captain America: Civil War a 9.5/10

I was asked yesterday "which film is better, Batman V Superman or Civil War?" To be honest, Civil War is a better movie but I enjoyed Batman V Superman a bit more.

Have you seen Captain America: Civil War? If so what did you think of it?

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