I am a Haitian American born and raised in Haiti. While in Haiti as a little boy I witnessed a young man drawing a beautiful picture. Just watching this artist move his pencil with grace and style inspired me to want to become an artist. My love for art continues to grow each and every day. I plan to never stop learning about my first love which is art. I graduated from the Art Institute with an Associates in Graphic Design and pretty soon I will be going back to obtain a Bachelors in Illustration. My style of art varies, from Realism, Animation, Graphic Design and more. I just love the fact that I can use different tools to create masterpieces the way that my eyes see them. This is a freedom that only an artist can obtain. I enjoy leaving it all on the paper for the world to see. Apart from being an Artist/Designer, I'm also a huge fan of All things Geeky/Pop Culture. Which explains why I have so many Geeky/Pop Culture contents posted on my blog. I love comic books, movies, TV, video games, cosplay and more! I created this blog to share what I love with you guys.

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